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The ADK Luge Club, TryLuge Program, is a portal designed for you to be introduced to the exhilarating uber cool sport of luge and experience the thrill of participating in a winter Olympic sport in a safe controlled environment. This program is designed for ADK Luge Club Members, USA Luge Members and ORDA track employees to bring a guest.  

There is only a modest track fee for TryLuge. You will be equipped with required gear and receive instruction. After your runs, if you find luge is a sport that fits your quest for great way to spend a weekend while participating in the fastest sport on ice for fun, making new friends and possibly uncover a potential winter Olympian, then you've come to the right place. We are very family oriented ! 

You must register your guest.

To register contact us via e-mail.

TryLuge days will be posted on the monthly calendar.

There are 2-3 slots each session which is scheduled for this program.

If your guest no-shows for any reason you will not be eligible to register any one else again for the current season.

The guest will have to sign 3 different waivers to fill in and sign. ORDA, USLA and ADK.

There is a track fee of $25 for youth $40 for adults. That must be paid up front. Retain the receipt to show to the ADK coach.

You will be outfitted with a helmet, sled and receive ground school on sled control by a USA Luge sanctioned coach.

It is recommended to wear thick smooth gloves like slalom ski gloves and forearm pads incase you brush a wall.

Also, wear warm snug or tight fitting athletic wear and thermals under your heavy outer garments. The heavy clothing can be removed just before your turn. 

A pair of athletic foot wear such a trainers and warm socks. 

You will have 2 to 3 slides from start 5, which is the start farthest down the track,

Your top speed will get up to about 25-30 mph / 40 kph-48 kph.

The ADK session coach has the discretion to terminate the guest's sliding if he/she feels it is unsafe for the guest to continue.  

So come give it go.

"Track's clear"

Scot Prehn
Vice President
ADK Luge club

Try Luge Photos